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Our Mission is to inspire people to Transform the way they feel and empower lasting change through our range of fitness products and service offerings.

Why are you looking? 

Looking to lose some weight? 

Increase flexibility to reduce and prevent injury? 

Improve balance? 

Increase strength? 

Have a competition or an event coming up that you want to prepare for? Like a marathon? Triathlon or multi event like a tough mudder  Want to get some into some level of fitness and bored with all the stuff you see at your usual gym? 

Just want to feel less stressed about everything and everyone? 

Have a condition that you want to try something different in how to treat it? 

Have back pain and you would like to consider a non surgical treatment? 

Want to feel better about who you are and what you are doing? 

Love to learn new programmes and are passionate about looking after yourself? 


What can be done? 

Anything is possible with the right programme and that is what i tell my clients. But it is a two way street and there is  no easy way out when looking to create the body you want and for the purpose that you are looking to achieve. Movement is integral to a healthy and happy life. 

Let me ask you this? 

Do you want to be sitting in a aged care home 20,30,40 years from now and have to be carried from your bed to the dinner table,from the dinner table to the toilet and from the toilet to your bed. Your lack of mobility didn’t start in the care home. It starts with what you are doing now.

Are you doing any exercise?

Do you know how to exercise properly and safely?

Do you want the tools in your movement toolkit that will allow you to decide how you want to live your life?

When i ask people what is there physical practice they seem confused by this? This means what are you doing on a regular basis to maintain your level of health? Are you going to the gym a couple of times a week and running on a treadmill with no real goal or focus just mind numbingly doing the same thing every time you go there. Do this for me - Look around next time you are on the treadmill or lifting some weights and tell me what you see? Does it feel like everyone is doing exactly the same thing like hamsters on a wheel.Doing the same thing day in and day out

Does this feel boring to you ?

Well if it does then your body is not improving it is standing still and standing still means you are not going forward but going backward in your physical practice. 

You should be excited to work out? Not the “I know if have to do it BUT really excited about going to the place that inspires you to push yourself all the time “ Knowing that when you finish this workout it is time well spent.

Don’t you want to make the most of the time you have and give it everything you got?

Do you want your legacy to be he/she sat in front of the TV and slowly wasted away or that you are a go getter. Someone that wants to make a change and does what has to be done to achieve it. Whether you like it or not you are a role model for those that you spend the most time around with and for those you see on a regular basis. Whether it is at the coffee shop , work or social outings.

Don’t you want people to see the best you?

I love these words from Marisa Peer - "You are Enough “ but be clear on where you are going - You can fumble around in the dark or have a clear actionable plan to achieve your goals.  

The Personal Training Toolkit 

At TLV Fitness we will dip into our extensive toolkit of programmes learned from the best and brightest in the fitness industry - From Kancho Cameron Shayne and Master Duncan Wong you will improve your strength and flexibility through Budokon and the Yogic Arts through bodyweight training to primal movement patterns. From Tai Chi Master Jason Chan you will improve your balance and learn to be comfortable in any situation through the use of Tai Chi , Meditation and Chi Gung. From Dr.Elena Voyce the application of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa movement sequences designed to reduce stress , increase flexiblity  and alleviate long term conditions. 

From Dr.Smisek the Czech doctor who has developed a non surgical treatment for the treatment of back pain and related conditions like scoliosis. And to Powerplate Vibration training - which accelerates your strength and performance results through constant application of the harmonic vibration technology to stimulate your muscle response at over 50 times per second.  And there are our Pre-hab and recovery products like our foam Rollers and spiky massage balls. 

Through this extensive toolkit we have the benefit of providing the most unique programmes on the planet designed with the one goal in mind - To provide you with the support you require to get the results you want. 

Chat to us today to see what we can do for you - Email info@tlvfitness.com. to book your slot for a free 30 minute functional mobility and bodyweight strength assessment. 

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