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Our Mission is to inspire people to Transform the way they feel and empower lasting change through our range of fitness products and service offerings.

The team at TLV Fitness treats every customer as part of the family. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and offer a lifetime warranty on our products and our teachers are full insured and certified. Your continued satisfaction and success is our most desired outcome.

If your still not convinced about why you should join our family here are our 6 core values to help in your decision making process.

1. Customer Service - We know whats it like to have emails not responded to in a timely manner so our commitment is to respond in 8 hours or less. We are constantly working to improve our response times. We want you to know that your happiness is our No.1 priority and no question is too big or small.

2. Customer Satisfaction - Our goals are to meet your goals. Our deepest desire is for you to be  happy with the products we are selling and make sure our overall service meets your highest expectations.  We pride ourselves in rewarding every customer who recommends our products to their friends and family. For anyone who buys a product referred by you, there is a golden ticket with a special something to say thank you.  

3. Ongoing support - We know that it is tough to start any fitness programme so we will continue to provide support long after you have bought any products from us - whether this is through regular emails , Newsletters , Videos , Blog updates , Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest posts. We want you to be engaged In the changes you are making and know that you are not alone.

4. Product quality – We select and develop our products over a long period to make sure we are delivering the best possible products to our clients.It Is one of the reasons why we offer a lifetime guarantee on our products. You can have comfort in knowing if for some reason the product is fauly then we will replace it straight away.

5. Commitment to providing the best products and services  - We look for the highest qulaity products that provide the best possible results in the least amount of time. Our products are focused on providing responses to the questiions we continually ask ourselves – Can we recover faster? , Can we get the best possible results from our workouts?

6. Safety and Security - Safety and security of not only your personal details but also shopping platforms is extremely important to us. We do not share your personal information and have no intention to. 

Finally our Corporate Yoga teaching is of the highest quality and all our teachers are fully certified with the British Wheel of Yoga and the Yoga alliance. 

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