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Health coaching is a process that will enable you to remove the roadblocks that prevent you from sticking to healthy resolutions, creating change and transforming your approach to self-care.

With the support of a health coach you will be able to create a plan that works for you and your unique lifestyle and becoming aware of what sabotages your efforts, helping you create a strategy that works in the long run.

​We will cover areas like your sleep and exercise routine, daily stress management, prioritizing & setting boundaries for self-care, time management, morning & bedtime routines, emotional eating with an holistic and comprehensive approach that will empower you to take charge of your health & wellbeing.


The way we eat, sleep, exercise or deal with stress, deeply affects our physical and mental wellbeing, while thoughts, emotions and beliefs deeply affect our behaviours and lifestyle habits.

You cannot really address one without the other and expecting long terms, sustained lifestyle change. This is why working with a health coach, can help kickstart and sustain the change, connecting you with your more authentic self and motivations, helping you reframing your goals, and supporting you through natural setbacks and negative self-talk.


If you are interested in health coaching and would like to know more and understand if this could be valuable for you, the first step is to book a non binding discovery call, where we can ascertain if we can work together.

If you decide to go ahead, the next step is a more in depth lifestyle assessment, where we can start go deeper in your motivation to change and go through your health history.

After this we will start with the proper health coaching program. The length of the plan depends on each individual needs, but we normally start with a three months plan, which is important to keep you committed and accountable.

We have worked with patients who have low mood , anxiety , self esteem / confidence , weight management , activity management , healthy eating , smoking , stress management , lockdown syndrome and 1 or more long term issues like pre-diabetes , COPD , MSK desk or sedentary lifestyle , pre-medication ( SSRIs , Analgesics , statins , ) Blood sugar , Blood pressure or cholestrol. 


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Client referred with pre-diabetes


" I have changed my diet in a good way which will decrease my sugar levels and also has reduced my weight and i feel this course was needed and came at a good time for me. "

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