Our mission at TLV Fitness is to empower the people of the world to think and actively engage in prevention. Prevention is the key to long term health and reducing stress on already overstretched healthcare systems. 
The goal is to remove the healthcare as a place of first resort and only be there as a last resort. The stretch goal - Preventative healthcare for everyone.

The Facts....

Issue 1 – Poor posture leads to back pain and is the single biggest cause of work related absence in Great Britain

Issue 2 – Demographic cliff – The world is getting older – Increased strain on Public health services. 

Issue 3 – Working age ill health costs UK economy annually 100 billion

Issue 4 – In the NHS more days are lost through staff sickness than any other public sector

Issue 5 – No one is focusing on prevention – All after the fact services


Goal 1 - Improve employee empowerment and Health

Goal 2 – Company leader in employee health and wellness 

How can we meet our goals? 

Anything is possible with the right program and that is what we tell our clients. But it is a two-way street and there is no easy way out when looking to be healthy long term. 

We provide : 

Corporate seminars in wellbeing covering diverse topics like Nutrition,movement and back pain rehabilitation. Training in Tai Chi , Qi Gong , Yoga and back pain rehabilitation. 


Let me ask you this? 


Question 1 - Do you want to be sitting in an aged care home 20,30,40 years from now and have to be carried from your bed to the dinner table, .from the dinner table to the toilet and from the toilet to your bed? Issue lack of mobility


Your lack of mobility didn’t start in the care home. It starts with what you are doing now.

Are you doing any movement work?

Do you know how to move properly and safely?

Do you want the tools in your movement toolkit that will allow you to decide how you want to live your life?

Don’t you want to make the most of the time you have and give it everything you got?

Question 2 - Do you want to be on a cocktail of medications that leave you tired and lethargic or worse living an extremely poor quality of life.

Do you want your legacy to be he/she sat in front of the TV and slowly wasted away or that you are a go-getter. Someone that wants to make a change and does what has to be done to achieve it. Whether you like it or not you are a role model for those that you spend the most time around with and for those you see on a regular basis. Whether it is at the coffee shop, work or social outings.


Don’t you want people to see the best you?


I love these words from Marisa Peer - "You are Enough “ but be clear on where you are going - You can fumble around in the dark or have a clear actionable plan to achieve your goals.  


Covid 19 is the most pressing issue of our time


In 2020 we are faced with a pandemic from which has highlighted the lack of healthcare resources when they are stretched and the impact on multiple generations for people who have not looked after themselves either through lack of movement or poor dietary controls. If any of your immune symptoms are compromised then you are most affected. This is not a call to action because of Covid 19 but a response to a bigger problem. The world is not a healthier place and we can all do our part by being the best person we can be. Taking simple steps to improve your nutrition , movement and reducing your stress can make a massive difference in your quality of life.  


As a freelancer and a business owner I found myself feeling low in energy and out of balance due to the hectic work patterns I have. I was looking for an activity that would allow me to move, exercise and re-energise in a mindful way. I had heard about tai-chi in the past but I just never got round to doing it. When I found Todd's studio and after my first session with him I knew I was in the right place! Now, after a few weeks, I can already see the positive impact Todd's classes have had in my everyday life - I have better balance with my energy levels and I can bring my energy levels up with simple, practical exercises. My Sunday classes with Todd have become a cherished, weekly ritual :) 

Melanie C

small business owner

I crossed paths with Master Todd a year ago in Italy at a yoga training/retreat. I knew and felt immediately his love and passion and desire to do what he just does... enabling me to enhance my Chi Force , strengthen through lunchtime Chi Yoga sessions to sweat it and work it but then calm it down and destress all within an hour ...and overall allowing my body to work and mind to focus and spirit to connect , union in all. Can't wait for the next sessions!

Sonny G

IT Developer

"I was very fortunate to meet Todd a few years ago and experience the arts of Tai Chi and unique Meditation techniques he teaches. I cannot recommend him enough and his teaching style is suitable to complete beginners as well as the experienced practitioners."​

Vessy Z

Sales Manager

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