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Todd Van Hees, Back rehabilitation therapist

My Story - From Cycling the Tour De France course for Charity to Back Rehabilitation therapist. 

In 2010 i wanted to add more cardiovascular to my practice and I wanted to exercise outside. I had always cycled back in Australia as the distances are much greater between locations than the UK and I love being in the great outdoors. When i started cycling just to commute to work and then for longer distances i noticed I had a small amount of lower back pain. 


Now I have a strong core from the other practices that I teach including Tai Chi, Yoga, Budokon, Chi Kung, Powerplate, and Meditation but I felt that something was missing. That missing part was spiral stabilization. I discovered this from a friend who had scoliosis and had recently attended a newly launched training in the UK called spiral stabilization.


The Turning point for me and what Spiral Stabilisation expanded upon was that all the muscles are connected and if you are experiencing back pain then it could be referred from somewhere else in the body. Now I previously understood this from anatomy chains but spiral stabilization highlighted the movement of the chains whilst you are actually moving. A lot of exercise is done to isolate a specific muscle group but with Spiral stabilization, all the connected muscles were now being actively stretched, strengthened and stabilized in relation to each other. 


I have since attended several pieces of training with the founder of the spiral stabilization method Dr.Smisek. Dr.Smisek has over 25 years of clinical experience treating a plethora of conditions with the spiral stabilization method including but not limited to - scoliosis, spinal stenosis, disc herniation, disc bulges, osteoarthritis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal and connective tissue system. 


I attribute the spiral stabilization method as one of the main factors for completing the charity Tour De France cycle ride with no back pain whatsoever considering I was cycling an average of 180km per day and on the road for 12-15 hour days that is no mean feat. 


So that is a little about my journey and it is with this method and the other complementary therapies that I offer a free 60-minute consultation where we can have a chat about the best options to treat your back pain and my ultimate goal of getting you pain-free. 


Please don't hesitate to get in touch to start living pain-free. 

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