The Covid Dilemma - 07/10/2020

As of yesterday the UK added 14,542 new cases. That is a lot of people being diagnosed with Covid and yet only 76 people died. 76 is more than anyone in there right sensing mind would want but here we are. We know that people in high risk age groups and with co-morbidities like Obestiy and heart disease are most at risk of dying from Covid 19. Of the 30,049 deaths in the UK 28,643 of these had pre-existing conditions. That is over 95% of cases. ( NHS stats 01/10/2020 ) In context the UK has regularly weekly deaths of greater than 8,000l. This fluctuates depending on the season. In January - height of winter it was 14,000 per week. This is without Covid 19 in the population. What the govern

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