Do you offer personal training solutions?

No. We provide workplace wellbeing training and seminars. We believe healthy employees are crucial to the success of your business. Ask how you can help your employees today.

What is spiral stabilization?

Spiral Stabilization is a revolutionary exercise method for the treatment and prevention, through sufficient regeneration, of spinal disorders and also disorders in the main joints such as hip, knee, shoulder, foot joints and the base of the foot.


This highly effective movement program is using a unique spiral stabilization of the spine. The whole body’s stabilizing muscles are connected together during optimal coordinated movement creating a dynamic stabilizing muscle corset. Using these muscle chains helps the body develop upward strength creating traction of the spine that relieves pressure on the intervertebral discs and joints and allows for their nutrition, regeneration and treatment. Muscle spirals also allow for optimal spinal movement while aligning the spine into a centralized axis.


The exercises are done while performing reciprocal inhibition when muscles on one side of a joint are relaxing to accommodate contraction on the other side of that joint. The movement program is using all important elements of strengthening, stabilization, stretching, relaxation, coordination, and balance together in every exercise.

The exercises can be easily learned as they are using natural movement coordination of the body regularly used during walking and running.


To accelerate and enhance the positive effect of the exercises, we use Manual therapy (massage) as a part of the Spiral Stabilization method. Its main aim is to relax the tension in the muscles which have hindered optimal movement during exercise and therefore hindered the generation of spiral stabilization. 


The techniques we use in manual therapy are soft tissue massage releasing tensed muscles, manual stretching, post isometric relaxation, traction, and mobilization. 

Who are your clients?

My clients come from all areas of business from the NHS to financial companies including Barclays Capital and Nomura. Ask us how we can help your company today. 

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