We are recruiting. If you are a uniquely talented individual with Life experience and a zest for life then  please get in touch. 

What are we looking for ? 

  • Someone with a zest and energy for life 

  • You will be a champion for health 

  • You will set high standards of professionalism 

  • You have overcome challenges and see failure as only feedback

  • A background in alternative medicine like Tai Ch, Qi Gong , Yoga , Shiatsu or naturopathy would be beneficial but our unique training programmes will support you every step of the way. 

  • A person who is a self starter - that mean you jump out of bed running. 

  • A person who wants to make a difference in peoples lives. 

  • You understand balance 

If this sounds like you then tell us more. Start with your story and why you like to working with people and make a difference in peoples lives.  

No recruitment companies. We believe the universe will show the way for those that are ready to step into there power. 

You will be well rewarded and we pride ourselves on delivering a world class partner experience. We don't use the word employee or JOB ( just over broke ). We break moulds. Let's have some fun. 

Head on over to the contact page and tell us your story.