05/04/2020 -Press Conference - Governor of New York : Andrew M.Cuomo

By the data we are very near the apex or close to the plateau. Will know more in a couple of days

  • Vulnerable population must continue to be isolated and protected

  • 74% of those hospitalized have been discharged - non vulnerable

  • Plan to manage capacity is surge + flex - All hospitals working together in this situation

  • Rolling deployment of State and National resources to next hotspot

  • Federal government deploying staff to local hospitals

  • Trying all treatments towards end game of vaccine - Convalescent plasma , Receptor antibody treatment, hydroxychloroquine

  • Personal opinion - Rapid testing key to restoring normalcy

New York and State Statistics


No update from state tracker

Positive Cases

No update from state tracker


16,479 people currently hospitalized (+574) Less than previous day

4,376 ICU patients (+250) less than previous day

12,187 patients discharged (+1,709) more than previous day

Died 4,159 (+594) less than previous day

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