09/04/2020 - UK Covid 19 Statistics

Number of cases and deaths

As of 9am on 9 April, 298,169 tests have concluded across the UK, with 16,095 tests carried out on 8 April. Some individuals are tested more than once for clinical reasons.

243,421 people have been tested, of whom 65,077 tested positive. The tests concluded figure excludes data from Northern Ireland.

As of 5pm on 8 April, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 7,978 have died.

Tests People tested Positive Deaths

Daily 16,095 10,713 4,344 881

Total 298,169 243,421 65,077 7,978

Data on UK positive and negative tests and data on deaths is updated on this page daily at 2pm or shortly after. The figures for test results and for deaths are compiled from different sources. This is why the figures for deaths are reported from an earlier point in time than the figures for test results.

Change on previous day

UK infected Up : 4,344 Previous 5,491

UK Tested Up : 10,713 Previous 19,527

UK Died Up : 881 Previous 938

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