Joe Rogan Podcast review - Episode #1474 Dr.Rhonda Patrick

Here is my summary of the main highlights from the podcast. External links to studies and references provided in the separate section

  • Immune System - What can you do to strengthen your immune system?

  • Why is your immune system across different age groups - previous exposure to viruses like CMV might provide some assistance in fighting Covid 19

  • 50% of the population in the USA have - CMV - cytomegalovirus

  • You are constantly being exposed to viruses but you are not getting sick all the time

  • Common cold viruses could help to neutralise Covid 19 - studies ongoing

  • Llama antibodies could help people fight Corona virus infections.

  • Type 0 blood less likely to contract Corona virus

  • Vitamin D Levels - 20% In Asia less likely in philippines to have critical covid

  • 98% of people from Indonesia that were Vitamin D deficient died

  • 78% of people in the USA are Vitamin D deficient

  • Vitamin D exposure generated by the Sun and UVB exposure

  • Dark skinned people have melanin which restricts Vitamin D generation

  • African Americans are 28 more times to be Vitamin D deficient than caucasians

  • People aren't getting enough sun as people are staying inside more

  • Blacks in England and Wales are 2 x more likely to die than caucasians once socio-economic factors have been removed.

  • Somalians who emigrated to Sweden are severely Vitamin D deficient

  • Obese people are 3 times more deficient in Vitamin D in the USA

  • Vitamin D gets converted into a hormone

  • Vitamin D activates genes which regulate the immune function

  • In a study ( daily and weekly supplementation ) with Vitamin D people were 50% less likely to have a respiratory tract infection.

  • Vitamin C analysis - detailed analysis by Rhonda - link below

  • Vegetarians more prone to Zinc deficiency - important for immune function

  • Sauna - 180 Degrees for 25 minutes and then cold shower

  • mimics cardiovascular exercise- Studies by Dr. Jari Laukkanen

  • Joe noticed during lockdown that sauna improving cardiovascular performance when running

  • whoop strap works recording heart rate in sauna (sponsors show)

  • noticed effect with sleep and more relaxed plus muscles more relaxed

  • Squat safety

  • sciatica - disks pushing into the nerves

  • strengthen area - reverse hyper developed by Louie Simmons ( video below)

  • Dex 2 - decompression of back ( link below )

  • Bone density

  • Muscle mass important as your get older

  • Infrared vs Dry Sauna

  • dry sauna heating the ambient air

  • infrared - directly heating the air

  • Japan - wayon therapy use infrared sauna

  • more research on dry sauna from Finland

  • Brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)

  • regulates neuroplasticity - associated with depression

  • BDNF important for long term memory

  • Hot baths

  • benefits if you don't have access to a sauna

  • powerful anti-depressant affect - difficult to measure

  • heat Chok proteins did increase

  • ICE baths vs Cold shower vs Cryotherapy

  • how long are you submerged

  • both cold and hot improve immune system

  • Sedentary people can use the sauna as it mimics a workout

  • Vitamin D deficiency

  • would like to see a study against NY with vitamin d levels

  • known that people in winter time can have less vitamin D

  • Xylitol gum

  • produced from birch plant

  • improves oral bacteria - reduce cavities

  • Joe takes Neuro gum - loves it

  • Kombucha

  • Kimchi - gut microbiome for immune health

  • Sleep

  • melatonin stopped rhondas night terrors

  • Joe has sleep apnea - uses a mouthpiece that holds the tongue down - stopped snoring and assists breathing

  • blue light blocking glasses helps Joe

  • bright light exposure sets your circadian rhythm.

  • biggest impact of high glucose levels for Rhonda is lack of sleep


Podcast :

Llamas antibodies -

Vitamin C - Rhondas website -

Sauna study :

Reverse hyper -

Dex 2 -

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